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Internet security software giving extra layers of protection to computers keeping them safe at the time of web surfing data transfer or emailing etc. ensuring the nons...View More

Date: 21 Sep 2017

Source code vulnerability scanners, website vulnerability scanners, and program scanners are extremely important in this day and age. Big and small organizations ranging from banks to stores are a...View More

Date: 29 Jun 2017

Static analysis, also known as static code analysis or source code analysis, is the process by which code is examined and debugged without actually executing a program to do so. It is done as part...View More

Date: 26 Jun 2017

Openstack private cloud is an online service that gives the user the ability to design their own private cloud. It is available for both the public and businesses and can be something that you can...View More

Date: 26 Jun 2017

Sauces,dressings and condiments are the blend of herbs, spices, tomato paste, soy sauces, pasta sauces, purees, cooking sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, salad dressings, dips and other sauces...View More

Date: 08 May 2017

Global Cloud Professional Services an increased number of cloud solutions from various vendors have created a complex cloud environment. Cloud customers are struggling with integrating and managin...View More

Date: 25 Jun 2016

Big Data Professional Services are associated with consulting and implementation of big data projects. Data generated from various sources such as mobile devices, digital repositories, and en...View More

Date: 25 Jun 2016