What is PRNEWSON.com?

Prnewson.com is one of the most popular free press release distribution sites. Prnewson.com Offers to submit free press release, news, or blogs online to increase traffic and visibility.

Why Choose PRNESON.com

We distribute your news to your target audience and so help you achieve greater success in business. Besides, we also have the easiest submission process to help you write a press release all by yourself.

What type of Press Releases are not accepted by PRNEWSON.com

We don't accept following types of press releases:

  • Advertisements. You need to write your press release in a news angle instead of selling products.
  • Press release containing information or content with the intention to harm or exact personal revenge against a person or group.
  • Sexually Explicit Content.
  • Press release about online gambling.
  • Press releases that promote the sale of Electronic cigarettes.
  • Press releases with bad format such as messy codes or keyword stuffing.

Who can submit a free press release?

Any registered user. In order to submit a press release you need to sign up/register as a "Company Representative". To do this, once you are logged in you need to fill out the information under your profile section

How do I submit a free press release?

First you have to register, after that you must click on Submit NEWS and fill out your business information. Once that is finished you may submit a free press release

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please conatct Us at:contact@prnewson.com